Read the not recommended reviews on Yelp. That will tell you the real quality of this company's skills or lack thereof.
What kind of immature idiots post things like this on someone's business site? You have a very perverted sense of professional behavior or even of right and wrong. Ed is a human being who is trying to run a business and these comments are so inappropriate that it makes you look like fools. And you don't even have the guts to sign your real name. That is the definition of a bully. Shame on all of you! Karma is going to hit you hard when you least expect it.
Ed, ignore these idiots. They obviously have nothing worthwhile in their lives if this is an example of their behavior. I wonder if they would be brave enough to say any of this to your face - or to anyone else. They are cowards and bullies. Ignore if luck with your photography.
Desperate Dansby(non-registered)
Still trying to get attention by spewing your hate and... no one cares. Honor your dad instead of being a desperate drama queen who throws pathetic temper tantrums to get attention that no one gives you. How embarrassing.
So you cannot be Catholic and pro abortion but you can be Transgender? HAHAHAHAHAHA! You are an unfunny joke.
Exposing me....ooooh sooooo scary. Expose your hypocrisy at the same time, then I will laugh.
You could have all the professional camera equipment in the world...
Still not addressing everything only what you want. Hypocrite transgender wanting to be accepted but looking down on everyone else's choices.
Dansby jokes(non-registered)
Prayer request:
Dear God, please let Ed know that he is the biggest hypocrite when he thinks its okay lecture others regarding religion as a transgender man, but being a wedded gay
man is wrong. JOKE And no one answered if you should be a professional photographer or a hobbyist because they didn't want to tell you the truth. Look at those Jordan High pics again and ask yourself if you should be a pro. Absolutely not.
Dansby jokes(non-registered)
You criticize the lgbtq community except when you are trying to get accepted as a boy in a dress. You criticize the Hollywood Community because they won't get you a job even though you take sub-par pics. You criticize women of other races because you're racist until of course you have a crush on one of them. Then you criticize gay marriage even though you want people to accept you as transgender in the Catholic religion. Now you want to become the president of a photography club at your college even though you can't take a picture to save your life. Joke.
One would think that before someone would brag about trying to become the president of a photography club they would at least know how to take a decent picture. Your pictures are horrible on a regular basis. The students at that college deserve better.
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