This blog page is just what it says...  Personal Blog.

This is the blog that I expand on myself and let you know more about me and what makes me tick.  

(Due to the restrictions on the number of blog pages set-forth by the hosting company most of these may have just the link to the article posted.)



Over the years I have created many blogs each reflecting a certain aspect and interest that I have.  This page was created in the hopes that current clients, potential clients, and fellow photographers may learn more about me as a person...  Then they can know who is shooting their special event or hosting a workshop that they might want to attend.

The posts will be from those blogs and have the Original Title, A link to the article, Date first published then the date published on here.   Please enjoy.  WHY am I exposing a portion of myself to you...Because I feel it's best that not only do I know you but also you know me.  :)  GOD Bless