Welcome to Dansby Photography & Multimedia a Catholic Photographer

We are a Catholic Photography Company that specializes in On Location portraits in addition to Weddings, Senior Pictures, and Reunions (Family, High School, etc...)  We also have knowledge in various other types of photography....  Including but not limited to boudior, photoshop projects, land, sea and city scapes, Portfolio Headshots, etc...  We are always available for freelance work.   Various discounts are offered for non-profit groups, military both active duty and veterans.

Please take the time to fill out my basic contact form (you can find it below) and drop me either a suggestion or encouragement.  :)

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Feel free to call me at 714-657-2385

Photography is more than just a “job” for me it’s a passion and a honor. I say honor because I’m honored that you have let me share a moment in your life with you. I have over 10 years “professional” experience and over 30 yrs recreational experience. Please take a look at my folders and galleries, as you can see, I cover everything from simple birthday parties to non-profit and red carpet events to also family and school reunions, weddings and my specialty on-location portrait sessions